Alux incorporates forward-thinking design and advanced technology to capture building aesthetics that are recreational, functional, and sustainable. The result is an experience that embodies luxury and utilitarianism in a modern setting.

Our Mission

We are a development company that designs residential and commercial spaces that utilize innovative technological solutions to enhance our client’s experience.

Our Vision

We are solidifying our brand to become a leading name in the residential and commercial real estate development industry – trusted for innovative design, superior quality, and unmatched reliability. Through continued collaboration of industry experts from conception to completion, we deliver quality and dynamic projects that will undoubtedly meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Our Values


We continuously stay abreast of new design developments and elements in technology that will ensure our clients receive deliverables of the highest caliber.


We approach each project with unmatched enthusiasm. We are committed to creating timeless designs that represent our client’s vision through individual attention and treating each project as if it is our own.


We treat our team with dignity. We encourage the interchange of knowledge and have an appreciation for the expertise of our team members and clients that ensures a participative process.


We make a concentrated effort to educate and include our clients throughout the process. Additionally, we pay attention to the minute details to tailor our resources to meet the client project needs to provide an extraordinary experience.
Innovation & Technology

We partner with leading technological firms to ensure our clients have reliable and adaptive infrastructures that elevate efficiency and meet all project specifications.

Why Alux Properties Stands Out

Alux Properties stands out thanks to our unique approach to residential and commercial building development.

We are more tech-focused and utilize the advanced technology to turn our vision for each project into a reality.

Our specialty and our niche is cutting-edge technology that we put into building modern structures that other developers or groups will not attempt.

Services We Provide

We offer a comprehensive range of development and management services that include:
Residential and Commercial Development
Construction Management
Property Management
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