Few things taste better than good company, good conversation, and a bottle of your favorite wine. At Aria Spirits, we curate our inventory to suit any taste and highlight any occasion.
  • The Bailey

    A beautiful, tech-centric wellness center. A jaw-dropping medical rehab facility. Exquisite hospitality suites. The Bailey will exhibit elite aesthetics, capture human physiology, incorporate current environmental principles and tie it all within the context of luxury.
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Residential & Commercial Development

We are a tech-focused development and design & build company in Atlanta, GA for residential and commercial projects. We offer clients a comprehensive menu of integrated services including advising, consulting, and property management. We provide the most advanced design services with high-end quality.

5 Stars | Alux Properties

Our Projects

Alux Properties

Innovative Design & Technology

Innovative modern solutions help us design and build visually appealing spaces while improving timeliness, and increasing efficiency. Our goal is to revolutionize the residential and commercial real estate development industry today, so it can bring more growth and achievements tomorrow.

Our Team

Each Alux project is the culmination of the hard work and effort of numerous professionals all contributing their talents and expertise on various levels. Below is an overview of some of the key players in major projects such as The Bailey, Aria Spirits, and Alux offices.
5 Stars | Alux Properties

Our Latest Development Projects

The Bailey At Dusk
The Bailey
5 Stars | Alux Properties

Everything You Need Is Here

We utilize advanced systems and breakthrough technology to change the way we plan, design, and develop residential and commercial spaces. The result provides breathable and practical spaces that exude functionality, durability, and longevity.

Some Of The Publications We've Been Featured In

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